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This Privacy Policy was last updated on October 1st, 2022

Sergeant Laboratories, Inc (the Company), the producer of AristotleK12 (the Product), is a technology company providing K12 education with a unified digital integration platform combining classroom device management, student user behavior analytics, asset & utilization reporting, and student-centric filtering to improve learning outcomes while providing for a safer and more productive learning environment. The Company is committed to student data privacy relating to information the Product collects, stores, and reports to authorized users (Customers). Information security is a top priority of the Company.

This Privacy Policy explains how the Product collects, stores, and protects information. The Company strongly encourages Customers to read this policy and associated laws in their entirety to fully comprehend Sergeant Laboratories’ policy with regard to student personal information.

What Information Does the Product Use?

The Product uses various technological safeguards to protect students and help them become responsible digital citizens. The Product collects user behavior activity the Customer may use to identify the student. The Product does not collect student personal information from sources outside the Product. Student personal information will not be used by the Company for any reason.


Student personal information collected from student use of school technology may depend on the particular settings enabled or disabled by the Customer. Depending on the enabled settings and user configurations, information that may be collected includes account information, online behavior, and location.
The Product may collect a student’s school-managed account information, which includes: student’s name, email, Google Profile ID, as well as any device identifiers necessary to connect a student to a particular device and settings. Depending on features and settings configured by the Customer, the Product may collect additional information, including a student’s browsing history, IP address, and relevant online activity. Using the Product, a Customer may collect the geographic location of devices for the purpose of locating and recovering any device that may be unaccounted for.


The Product will automatically collect certain information which may include IP address, time and date stamp, browser language and type, amount of time spent on content, login times, type of device, and settings.
The Product uses collected information to provide reports, student safety alerts, and utilization details to the Customer. The Company may view information collected by the Product in the process of providing support services to Customers.


Information collected by the Product may be used to verify compliance with applicable laws to protect our Customers.

What Does the Company Prohibit with Regard to Collected Information?

Does The Company Share Collected Information?

Student personal information will not be provided to any third party by the Company without written authorization from the Customer. Information collected by the Product is not openly accessible. Third parties requesting access must comply with this privacy policy.


The Company reserves the right to disclose information under certain circumstances. These may include: School Access, Protection of Sergeant Laboratories, Legal Requirements, or Business Transfer.


Customer access provides personnel of the school to have access to the account. The Company also supports reviews and corrections of student personal information through schools, teachers or other educational entities. If you have any questions about viewing or updating information on file, please contact your school or district.


Information may be disclosed if determined that doing so is necessary and/or appropriate to protect the Company, its rights, and safety. The Company reserves the right to disclose certain information in compliance with legal requirements such as; law enforcement or legal/regulatory processes.


In the future event of a business transfer, corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or other related event, collected information may be a part of the transferred assets. In this instance, any Company successor must be in agreement to this privacy policy and comply to the guidelines both stated here and in the Student Privacy Pledge.

How Does The Company Protect Information?

Sergeant Laboratories maintains security and student privacy as a top priority. The Company has many safeguards in order to protect student personal information. The Company prides itself on maintaining a comprehensive security program that protects the security, privacy, and integrity of student users. Only authorized personnel will be allowed access to any information. The Company works hard to prevent any unauthorized access and take precautionary measures to instill security in its Product. In the event of a security breach, Sergeant Laboratories will comply with all relevant breach laws and procedures to mend the issue and provide notification to Customers.


Sergeant Laboratories complies with FERPA, COPPA, and the Student Privacy Pledge guidelines, along with any other applicable laws. Links at the bottom of this policy are provided to these policies and law, for your convenience. The Company encourages you to read these documents to their entirety.

Will The Company Ever Change the Privacy Policy?

Sergeant Laboratories reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice to maintain relevant procedures. Provided at the top of this policy will be the date of the most recent update for the policy. The Company will not make material changes to the Privacy Policy without providing an email notification to Customers. An option for agreement to the alterations made to the Policy will be presented to Customers. New consent will be given when the Customer continues to use the Product, after the notified change. Customer’s continued use of the Product ensures agreement with the revised Privacy Policy.


Please feel free to contact Sergeant Laboratories with questions relating to this policy.

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