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Providing you with continuous diagnostics and monitoring for:

AristotleInsight in Action

Unique Bayesian filtering and data-linking technology allow trends, summaries, and relationships between key security metrics to be shown in the high-level L3 dashboards. These dashboards naturally filter out anomalous activity to alert security professionals of areas needing attention and enable them to quickly pivot into the detailed data to investigate.
AristotleInsight’s L2 layer presents reports that direct processes and remediation efforts. These reports enable you to identify areas requiring attention, direct efforts to remediate issues, and document the results of what was changed, when it was changed, and who made the changes.
Low-level L1 reports present traditional detailed data for things like logs, user behavior, forensics, and assets. Utilizing AristotleInsight’s near-instantaneous updating, intuitive filtering, SIEM functionality, and infinite scroll technology, L1 reports allow security professionals to find the detailed data they need quickly.
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