We are Sergeant Laboratories.

We build tools that make security more than a report.

At Sergeant Laboratories we know security breaches are caused by misconfigurations, misunderstandings, or mistakes.  We build advanced technologies to prove compliance in complex IT security and regulatory compliance situations.  We don’t sell reports, consult, or preach.  We build world-class software which does what hackers do. We look for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, misunderstandings, and mistakes.  We do this automatically and we do this continually. Our software is proven, our technology is advanced, and we support what we sell.

“We make monitoring the use and configuration of complex and sophisticated IT assets understandable for non-technical professionals.” 



AristotleInsight quantifies and measures risk data and trends in an understandable format for management, as well as provides detailed information for security and compliance professionals to protect their organization. AristotleInsight’s big data approach to security and regulation compliance allows businesses, governments, and healthcare institutions to comply with regulations and stay a step ahead of criminals. Click here to learn more


AristotleInsight::K12 is our acceptable use and asset tracking technology for educators. AristotleInsight::K12 empowers educators with information to impact students. This frees students to explore the full potential of the online world in a safe environment without encumbering them with censorship or filtering. By promoting digital citizenship and safety, we help create the teachable moments necessary for today’s students. Click here to learn more

Our Aristotle products are built upon a foundation of engineering innovation:

1980s: Boot Sector Virus

In response to a derisive New York Times article regarding a DOD-SBIR Solicitation, we built a Boot Sector Virus. We showed it was possible to remotely take control of a PC. We did this before viruses were called viruses.

1986: Biometric Recognition

We developed a biometric keystroke system which worked on recognizing unique keyboard patterns of users. We could identify a user by their keystrokes.

1993: Map Reduce and Big Data

We built a big data, MapReduce system for our support vector experiments. We did this before it was called big data or MapReduce.

1997: Recognition Engine

We searched a massive support vector space with a genetic program in order to automatically generate recognition engines. This was our first successful attempt at automated machine learning.

1999: Bayesian Agent

The collection of logs, WMI data, and security events overly burdened 1990s style hardware, so we built our Bayesian Agent. We were able to dramatically reduce the load of monitoring with the added benefit of platform portability.

2002: Virtualized Data Channels

We were frustrated trying to maintain and support different log and event data channels at customer sites, so we built our own channel and made it transparent to the data–virtualizing how event data is transmitted.

2004: Bayesian Inference Engine

We built a Bayesian Inference Engine for automatically linking and categorizing big data structure. Big data without structure is useless. This was our first successful attempt at unstructured search.

2014: Insight

We integrated 30 years of experience and technology to produce a technology which provides unprecedented insight into your network, including Cloud, BYOD, and traditional computing platforms for security and compliance professionals as well as business management.

What’s in a Name?

We are an engineering company that over engineers its products.  We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations of our customers.  We are the price value leader, as well as the provider of functionality thought impossible in security offerings, so it should not be surprising that we over think our product names.  We are a different kind of technology company; our philosophy drives our technology, and our technology supports our philosophy.

Why Aristotle?

The philosophy of Aristotle reflects our approach to security and compliance.  Aristotle broke away from the Platonic view that the world operated in an absolute, black and white manner.  Instead, Aristotle acknowledged a scale of gray.  He believed change must be proven through measurement and comparisons to the past.  Our products embrace these ideas. Unlike other security vendors who claim the Platonic ideal by building tools to magically make un-secure systems ‘secure’, we build systems to document change, show deviation from baselines, as well as catch mistakes. This provides a real perspective of security posture so management may manage toward a secure culture.

Why Sergeant Laboratories?

There is a saying, “Sergeants run the army, Generals run the war.” Sergeants are the people who bridge theoretical ideas with practical results.  We take the theory of computability and apply it to real world security situations.  We understand how attacks are made, how people make mistakes, and how management can misunderstand what IT is telling them. Our name, Sergeant Laboratories, is a daily reminder of our commitment to providing advanced technologies that meet the daily needs of our customers.

 The Success of Our Customers Motivates Us

We not only over engineer our software; we also over support it.  We strive to go above and beyond in every aspect of our business, and our customers notice, “Their staff is truly dedicated to helping us.  They are unlike many software companies we deal with where the major concern seems to be sales.”  -Steve S.

Both the detail of our engineering, as well as the committed support of our team was acknowledged when our Director of Secure Systems, David Losen, assisted in a successful prosecution using evidence from our software.  The detail of the evidence combined with Dave’s investigative support and testimony earned a prosecution team award from the Wisconsin Association of Computer Crime Investigators.

We are excited about our software and love to talk about our technology. Contact us today or visit our product pages for more information:

Call: 1.866.SGTLABS (748.5227)   |   Email: info@provecompliance.com  |  aristotleinsight.com or aristotlek12.com